So these are my boys. My team.

They’ve all been the ones behind my 18 year long cleft repair journey. I saw them all in the last 24 hours. 

Dr. Harvey has been the most constant. I’ve seen him the most over the years and he’s kind of been my advisor. I always go to him before I do anything. He still wants to make me a new retainer to shift one tooth forward a bit but I would just be wearing it at night. I made him promise me that he wouldn’t put any more braces on me so I really could be done! He agreed.

Dr. Warren has been my dentist forever. I wouldn’t even open my mouth for someone else when I was little! He is so gentle and kind and has always tried to make everything as painless as possible and give me my million dollar smile!

Dr. Gunter has been like a grandfather to me. He’s a sweet old man who cares about me so much. He called us once during my jaw surgery recovery in the middle of Wallgreens trying to find something to make my mouth hurt a little less. He really cares.

I hadn’t seen Dr. Dan in years. He was my plastic surgeon since I was born. He made the inside of my mouth basically. But he had to retire when I was 14 and it crushed me. I hadn’t seen him since so getting to see him today just made my day. He was so happy to see me and happy that I was happy with how everything has turned out. Haha, he’s promised me a lunch date next time he’s in Birmingham.

Dr. Park was just so happy to hear me say that I was happy. He took over after Dr. Dan and knew that he had big shoes and a hole in my heart to fill. Dr. Dan was very special to me and I originally didn’t want to accept Dr. Park. But I’m so glad I did because he did a phenomenal job and worked way harder than he needed to to make sure that I was happy. He has really just finished everything off beautifully.

So this is my team! My buddies that have been like an extra set of fathers to me for 18 years!

And I’m done. It hasn’t set in and I haven’t really accepted it yet. But I’m done! There were lots of hugs and a few tears and everyone so happy to hear me say that I loved the way I looked and was happy with the results!

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